About Me

Hi there,
I think its about time I filled this out so you know a little bit about me and what I do...  

My names Daniel Mark Edward Davies, I was a Warehouse Manager in Burntwood specialising in refurbishment of electronic goods and repairs but I'm now in Australia! 
My main hobby used to be skateboarding but after a fair few injuries I had to stop. I love paint balling, snowboarding, playing games, traveling, eating food, but I have to say, my main love photography!

I'm seeking more from life as the days are looping together and the weeks are passing by, I find myself getting older but not much wiser or experienced. I have always been interested in photography since having my first camera phone and enjoyed going out recording skateboarding videos when I was younger and also taking pictures on family holidays. 
Photography has always been something that interested me but always seemed too far out of reach due to the cost of the gear. 
However, around a year ago I had my first DSLR and from there I have been obsessed with buying the best gear instead of mastering what I had; But I think thats just me as a person. 
Now I have the equipment,  I'm really itching to get out there and learn everything there is about photography! I currently don't have a style and its something I'm seeking out. I love landscapes but I have started to take more pictures of people. I'm a shy person and hate being on the other end of the camera but after taking a few pictures I've found I love capturing the asthetic of a person, the natural smile, the laughter, the look in someones eyes as there engaging with a best friend or a loved one.. Those are the pictures I love to take most of all. 

My aim is 2-3 blog posts a week, so if you like what you see, please do follow me, contact me, whatever.. I really appreciate the feedback! Thanks for taking the time to read a little about me!

Kind Regards,

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